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One is sure to be a popular choice

geschrieben von Gina7 
One is sure to be a popular choice
21.01.2017 03:59:06
pandora spacers Today's post brings some of our next sneak peek from your Pandora SS17 collections with a review of what's coming out using the Pandora Disney Spring 2017 relieve!grinning smiley I previously teased a number of the new pieces coming out using this collection, but we now have pictures with all the different new charms coming out there, including Tigger, Piglet and many very pretty new Tinkerbell beans. Pandora always release a couple sets of Disney bracelets with each collection – a single that's exclusive to Disney Parks locations the other that's sold in the Parks and Pandora idea stores. The charms pictured here might be those sold in most locations. The collection is due out within the 16th of March. Keep reading for the sneak peeks!

pandora birthstone charms These pictures leaked online a few nights ago and the reaction has been pretty positive! Many are from a source who does prefer to stay anonymous, but my thanks to be able to them for letting us share them. First upwards, we have silver portrait charms of Donald along with Daisy Duck, which nicely match the earlier Mickey & Minnie magic portraits. However, the 2 beads that I'm a lot of excited for are these two new Winnie that Pooh beads – that much-requested Tigger and Piglet! These both featured lilac enamel detailing and should match nicely with all the existing Eeyore bead, at the very least.

pandora necklace Two of my other favourites using this sneak peek are these kind of two new Tinkerbell necklaces, which are detailed in a very striking emerald enamel.:VE HAD The shoe is attractive, and it looks like there could even be a pearl along with it, while the detailing for the dress's wings is likewise beautiful! Next, we possess a sneak peek at three new Beauty as well as Beast pieces – it's not surprise to see these kind of, with the hype building for the new live action movie coming out this year. First up, we include this special-clasp bangle, which features the Shimmering Rose bead as being a clip and is engraved while using words ‘True beauty lies within'.

pandora jewelry sale There are also a couple new charms. One is sure to be a popular option – an enamel model of Mrs Potts as well as Chip! <3 The alternative is more elegant, and includes new version of that Radiant Hearts charm considering the Enchanted Rose hidden in the stone and engraved across the side. These stock images allow us a slightly clearer look at a number of the new beads, too. Piglet will be clutching a teddy keep, while Mrs Potts has some pretty enamel detailing on the base. I also have got a few teaser-y bits of info about the upcoming Disney Parks launch, too. Included this time around are some new characters, including Dumbo, Duffy, Shellie Might and Gelatoni, the latter characters being mascots to the Tokyo Disney Parks. You will have a Disney Parks version in the two-tone Carousel bead plus an Alice in Wonderland teacup bead, way too.

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