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According jordan 5 bel air to the research team

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According jordan 5 bel air to the research team
08.05.2018 10:20:30
Find running companions
Anything is fun if there are friends, but running is no exception. According jordan 5 bel air to the research team at the University of Southern California, the enjoyment of workout will increase for those who went with friends (or partners) rather than alone. In addition, according to Kansas State University's investigation, it turned out that if we sweat with someone who seems fit more than me, it got 200% more work and time to load.
I do not compare myself with other runners
The runner is everywhere, but the only thing that matters is your own pace, time and distance only. According to Kalil Alvino of the "Mile High Run Club" coach, "There is nothing that reduces the energy as a runner by comparison with other people. Because genes are different depending on people, the same result will be obtained if the same effort is made You should thank for your unique ability and be happy with the result. " Moreover, trying to follow runners who are faster than themselves or experienced runners will cause injury. "Set a achievable goal and honor that process, no matter how yeezy 350 oxford tan slowly progress is advancement!"
Furthermore, when carrying a smartphone during running, smart chip and dedicated application are connected by Bluetooth. Analyzes the information obtained from the smart chip in real time, and the dedicated application sends advice to the runner by voice. For example, "Pace is too slow, let's speed up" "overprinion (the heel is falling inward)" and so on.

The smart chip uses a common coin battery, and the battery life is 6 to 8 months, so it is easy to replace the battery.

"Runtopia Reach" was developed from the feeling that "every level runner is able to get the necessary tools to improve running with a small amount of money" and is "faster "Longer" and "safer" running.
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