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The LeTV statement also said that videos should not contain

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The LeTV statement also said that videos should not contain
03.05.2018 04:41:49
MOSCOW cheap nike air force 1 mens , April 30 (Xinhua) -- The Russian Railways (RZD) chose a Chinese company as a co-contractor in the construction of 770-km high-speed railroad, the company said Thursday.

"The RZD signs an agreement with a consortium of two Russian companies and China Railway ErYuan Engineering Group Company Limited (CREEC) worth 20 billion rubles (over 380 million U.S. dollars)," the company said in an online official statement.

The three companies would jointly implement the high-speed track project which connects Moscow with Kazan, capital of Tatarstan Republic.

The RZD stressed that the Russian-Chinese consortium is "the most promising professional community" that combines long-time, practical and successful experiences of the implementation of high- speed rail construction projects.

It is expected that the works under the contract will be completed by December 2016, while the total project investment is estimated at over 1 trillion rubles (over 19 billion dollars).

The Moscow-Kazan railway will be the first in Russia specifically designed and built for rapid transit.

Until now cheap nike air force 1 high black , the high-speed trains in Russia running between Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod, still use regular tracks.

China's LGBT groups are demanding a public apology from a video streaming platform for calling "homosexuality" a "wrong concept of love."

Beijing-based online video provider Leshi Internet Information and Technology Corp, better known as LeTV, said in a statement on Friday that videos containing certain content are forbidden on the platform, including the "wrong concept of love cheap nike air force 1 low black , such as homosexuality and extramarital affairs."

The statement was widely criticized by Chinese LGBT groups, including the Beijing LGBT Center and Tongzhi Zhisheng (Voice of LGBT). Many netizens claimed they would not use Letv anymore for such a "stupid" statement.

LeTV later deleted the word "homosexuality" and only said "wrong concept of love" is forbidden in LeTV videos.

Xiao Tie, a Beijing LGBT Center employee, said they are still demanding an open apology from LeTv even if the company has changed the wording in its statement. She told the Global Times that silencing LGBT groups on media will deepen public discrimination against this group.

"It's not about LeTV alone, Chinese video platforms are all banning LGBT. We want our voice to be heard by the public," she said.

LeTV has yet to respond to a Global Times request for an interview as of press time.

The LeTV statement also said that videos should not contain vulgarity cheap nike air force 1 black , violence, and content that defames police, soldiers and teachers.

Before LeTV, streaming platform iQiyi and Sohu TV also issued similar statements last week.

In November 2016, China's top media watchdog ordered more than 60 online movies from video streaming websites removed for containing vulgarity and violence, with an insider saying that "such large-scale removal is unprecedented."

The China Television Drama Production Industry Association and the China Television Production Committee of the China Alliance of Radio cheap nike air force 1 high white , Film and Television jointly recommended in 2015 that certain types of content should not be shown on TV series, such as same-sex romance, extramarital affairs and one-night stands.

In 2015, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio cheap nike air force 1 low white , Film and Television ordered the removal of an episode featuring a Taiwan celebrity's loneliness being an openly gay man for 14 years since "it is inappropriate to discuss the topic in public media."

WELLINGTON, Sept. 12 (Xinhua) -- Last November's 7.8-magnitude Kaikoura quake in New Zealand's South Island triggered a series of major slow-slip events, or "silent" earthquakes, beneath the east coast of the North Island, showed a new research from GNS released on Tuesday.

It was the largest and most widespread episode of slow-slip observed in New Zealand, since scientists first recognized this phenomenon under the seafloor east of Gisborne on the east coast of the North Island in 2002 cheap nike air force 1 white , according to the paper published in Nature Geoscience by researchers from GNS Science.

Slow-slip events are very similar to earthquakes, as they involve more rapid than normal movement between two pieces of the Earth's crust along a fault. However, unlike earthquakes, where the movement occurs in seconds, movement in these "silent earthquakes" can take weeks to months to occur, the paper explains.

According to the study's lead author and geophysicist cheap nike air force 1 07 mid , Laura Wallace of GNS Science, "This is probably the clearest example worldwide of large-scale slow slip being triggered over long distances by seismic waves from a large earthquake."

"One of the most intriguing factors is that the quake triggered slow-slip off the Gisborne coast, up to 600 km away from its epicenter in North Canterbury," Wallace said.

Seismologist Yoshihiro Kaneko, of GNS Science, said the slow-slip was triggered by stress changes in the Earth's crust caused by passing seismic waves from the Kaikoura quake.

Kaneko said the study also suggested that the northward travelling rupture during the Kaikoura quake directed strong pulses of seismic energy towards the North Island cheap nike air force 1 07 low , and this also influenced the long-distance triggering of the slow-slip events beneath the North Island.

The east coast slow-slip event was also responsible for sparking a series of small to moderate earthquakes off the east coast in November last year, Kaneko said.

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