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environmental protection of outdoor wood floor

geschrieben von qizhen0809 
environmental protection of outdoor wood floor
16.05.2018 08:14:46
<p>we are most when household decorates flooring floor of metropolis choice wood, so is wooden floor before installation hind what preparation should we do to work? </p>

<p>1, clear give construction spot,hollow timber flooring mothproof sweep ground rubbish clean, include each corner. </p>

<p>2, ground make level, horizontal error cannot exceed 2mm, if exceeding, be about to consider method make level. If the ground is rough, the floor spreads good the rear foot to feel bad also of course. homemade composite wood floor It is again wait for place of edge, horn the ground protuberant or cobbly is local nap comes over. </p>

<p>3, after the floor is swept clean, get on moistureproof layer shop namely, after can preventing so floor be affected with damp be affected with damp. Moistureproof layer wants to level, juncture place wants and approach. </p>

<p>4, work even if begin formally below to install wooden floor board, because the floor wants strewn at random installation, want to be spread beforehand above all, partial floor one divides into two, want to curium according to dimension, in case curium much, floor loss is big. </p>

<p>5, curiuming the bag can open the floor entirely before the floor, winkle has a problem or the floor of the flaw curiums, so OK and effective will local the wooden floor board that has a problem makes full use of, had not produced big loss.interlocking outdoor extruded composite floor Must not come up to take good floor curium, that meeting increases loss. </p>

<p>6, curium Wu should choose the place of wooden floor to wait in the balcony surely it is good to have ceramic tile do healthful place, the wooden ash that splatters otherwise is met of be all-pervasive enter anyplace, very difficult cleanness. </p>

<p>7, because wooden floor has,expand certainly rate, because want to be in before this shop outfit,the place obligate of its and metope contact expands seam, lest be roused since the floor.redwood decking prices in Glendive Expand seamed size matters with the coefficient of expansion of the floor commonly. </p>

<p>8, the glue of agglutinate wood floor should use aggrandizement floor appropriative, the pollution of this kind of glue is less. Do not elect blame floor board in the market casually special glue, that meeting adds contaminative source again on the pollution that in the floor itself exists. Before the shop everybody sees well whether is glue used was opposite. </p>

<p>9, be laid wood floor next. When laid, what grow together should be spread on the side of short together, such alternate laid floors are bitten so that live to become loose not easily, the floor goes all out after closing, knock with the tool even close. </p>

<p>10, come down again even if joined, mask with floor layering commonly. But stuff of glue of useful also glass, see you like what kind of. </p>
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