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level Daxinban environmental performance

geschrieben von qizhen0809 
level Daxinban environmental performance
15.05.2018 17:25:54
<p>lighter than water, and wood; cube compressive strength �� 4mpa. Especially in the steel structure project using ALC board as a retaining structure to play more of its light weight, high strength, good ductility, seismic superiority. 3, fire retardant: aerated concrete is inorganic, will not burn, but also does not produce harmful gases at high temperatures; the same time, aerated concrete thermal conductivity is </p>
<p>very small, which makes the heat transfer slow, can effectively resist the fire and Protect its structure from fire. 4, easy processing: sawing, drilling, grinding, nailing, more easily reflect the design intent. 5, sound-absorbing noise: its thickness can be reduced by 30 to 50 dB noise; light board series of internal composition of materials (EPS polystyrene particles) has good sound insulation and sound absorption </p>
<p>function. 6, adapt to bearing: wind load, snow load and dynamic load. 7, good durability: ALC board is a silicate material, there is no aging problem, it is not easy to weathering, is a durable building materials, its normal life and all kinds of permanent buildings can match the life of . 8, green: ALC board is not radioactive, nor hazardous substances spilled. Aerated concrete fire board superiority: in the production </p>
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plywood sandwich panel</p>
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