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layer cracking and wood damage

geschrieben von qizhen0809 
layer cracking and wood damage
15.05.2018 13:13:08
<p>of free formaldehyde. When the free formaldehyde content exceeds a certain range, it will affect human health. Therefore, the main difference between environmentally friendly blockboard and inferior blockboard is the glue is good or bad. Experts said that as consumers can not verify on-site whether the formaldehyde emission of Daxin Ban exceed the standard, so you can smell the odor of Dachang and </p>
<p>make a preliminary judgment on the environmental protection. If the glue used is environmentally friendly plastic, Daxin Ban only dry wood flavor, smell pungent formaldehyde smell. If the core plate emits pungent smell, indicating a higher amount of formaldehyde emission. In addition, consumers can not just focus on the samples of the big core board provided by the merchants, but also smell the other pallets </p>
<p>stacked in the store. Because samples may have been stored for long periods of time, odors have been dissipated, so consumers should smell sniffs of pizzazz near stacked pallets, especially in the middle. Xiaobian reminded: verify whether the environmental protection Daxin Ban, but also check the body or test report on the environmental level. Daxinban is divided into E0 grade, E1 grade, E2 grade, E0 </p>
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