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ranking of the flooring industry

geschrieben von qizhen0809 
ranking of the flooring industry
15.05.2018 06:15:13
<p>characteristics, as well as online sales. At present,<a href='http://floor.topcop.org/wall-panel/2415-black-plastic-timber-effect-wall-cladding.html'>black plastic timber effect wall cladding</a> the average percentage of e-commerce transactions in developed countries such as Europe and the United States accounts for 56% of total trade turnover, and online shopping has become a very common mode of consumption.tecnical difference between wpc and plywood In China's current view, e-commerce is used in the floor industry sales, but it accounts for less than 1%. By using the Internet, the number of middlemen can be </p>
<p>reduced in the sales chain, thus giving consumers a huge price discount. <a href='http://zenrabbit.org/pvc-fence/7337-modern-outdoor-decking.html'>modern outdoor decking</a>The general online sales price is 10-30% lower than the traditional sales price. Domestic online e-commerce websites are divided into three categories: the first is a website built on a physical store floor store;composite decking closeout sales the second is a self-owned factory with a certain well-known brand, the establishment of a floor shop, on the one hand Promote the brand, on the other </p>
<p>hand is to increase a sales channel; <a href='http://videoworthy.org/wpc-decking/4361-premade-inground-pool-prices-houston.html'>premade inground pool prices houston</a>the third category is neither a physical store nor its own brand, establish its own website platform, and establish mutual assistance and cooperation with some floor brands, and sell on the Internet. The U.S.seven trust deck material chalking Department of Commerce recently imposed 58.84% anti-dumping duties and 26.73% countervailing duties on Chinese-made wooden flooring, which has caused particularly difficult floor companies to </p>
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