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business cost of our flooring industry

geschrieben von qizhen0809 
business cost of our flooring industry
03.02.2018 06:49:42
we need the industry to appeal to promote, you need to enhance communication and cooperation in this area. Now a lot of people want to go to vote in northern Jiangsu, in fact, there is no resource in northern Jiangsu. Is to do a limited number of brands of good things out to improve the quality of our products,
both for enterprises and consumers. It is a very good thing that we integrate all the priority equipment, integrate them organically, and make the profit margin transparent. This is a good thing to do to reduce the cost and strengthen the integration of resources.
Second, my idea should create the business cost of our flooring industry. We commissioned the Development Institute of the State Council to plan an industrial service area for the flooring industry in Changzhou. Now we are called Hengli International Flooring City.
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