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CMS login problems

geschrieben von MichaelMorin 
CMS login problems
19.04.2018 11:57:53

Does anyone use XLN Telecom as his or her ISP? If so, have you had any problems accessing the Bluepark CMS or your site since mid-afternoon on the 22nd?The reason I ask is that from just after 3:30pm yesterday I cannot get into the CMS or view our site from any of our networked office devices. I can view any other sites I want to (clearly, including this forum), and I can send / receive email OK. Similarly, I can access the CMS / view our site on my mobile and no one else trying to view our site seems affected by this problem. It’s very strange…Anyway, neither Bluepark nor XLN have come up with a reason / solution to this problem as of yet, so any thoughts are appreciated.

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