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BigTree/Extension Upgrade Issue

geschrieben von MichaelMorin 
BigTree/Extension Upgrade Issue
19.04.2018 11:57:12

I'm having an issue (using 4.2.1 clean install) upgrading to 4.2.2 and it is also affecting trying to upgrade extensions (specifically the one most recently published for Form Builder) and I can't quite figure out what it causing it.

I believe I have narrowed down the bug to something happening in the installLocal (BigTreeUpdater) function. As part of debugging, I've been having the function die right after the call to backupDatabase to make sure everything is getting moved correctly but my core files never get moved to the backups folder. The backups folder and the core-4.2.1 folder are both created and the backup.sql file is stored inside them where it's supposed to be. However on the screen I'm getting a warning for the rename function that moves the old core into the same folder saying "access is denied (code 5)". So I figured something was wrong with either the permissions of the backups (sub)folder when it was being created but the sql file is created in there with no issues so it clearly has read/write permissions for that. Then I thought the permissions might be messed up with the core folder so I duplicated the backupDatabase call to put a second copy of backup.sql in the main core folder and it did that fine as well.

Now if I let the installLocal run all the way through without me killing it, BigTree acts like the upgrade was successful except the message returned says that I upgraded to 4.2.1 (which I'm already on). When I look at the core files and compare them with what I know are updated files from 4.2.2 they don't match so nothing is getting updated. Another weird part is that in the cache/update/core folder the files that were extracted from the update.zip are no longer there but the entire folder structure for the core folder is. Now if I kill the installLocal function before it runs the rename that moves the new core from cache/update/core to core/ then all the files are there extracted properly.

So I'm stuck wondering why it looks like there is a permissions problem but I'm able to create files in all these folders but not move them? The same rename problem looks like it also plaguing extension upgrades when they're both called. Any ideas you have on what problem I might be experiencing would be most appreciated!

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