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New Project Template

geschrieben von MichaelMorin 
New Project Template
31.03.2018 09:56:23

I'm using Qii v14.1, and tried to use the "New project wizard" to create a new project. When proceed to page "Project Type" => Select the type of project to create, I select "Project template", then click "Next". On page "Design Template", I select "MAX 10 Evaluation Kit Baseline Design", then click "Next", then "Finish". However, a dialog box pops up, says "Can't open project -- can't find Quartus II Project File project_name.qpf", with a OK button. Then I checked the project's target directory, and found it really missed the .qpf project file.
Any one can help? this seems quite unexpected

Please help

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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