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80 head stone powder production

geschrieben von aggregatecrushing 
80 head stone powder production
31.08.2017 11:03:45
80 head stone mill

With the continuous development of the economy, in the social and technological level of continuous improvement in the environment, the modern powder industry is also innovative, a lot of materials used in the field has been greatly expanded, the powder industry technical support and product fineness more High demand is also undergoing tremendous changes. The traditional milling machine has been unable to meet the modern powder industry demand for milling equipment. Raymond Mill in order to catch up with the powder industry (Jiancai, metallurgical, chemical,) the development needs, as a domestic professional industrial milling machine manufacturers, mining equipment manufacturing limited liability company for product innovation and reform, Developed HC1700-type milling machine, can well meet the needs of modern split industry.

HC1700-type milling machine is the development of a revolutionary, innovative mill. This series of tilting mill production than the traditional 5R Raymond Mill production more than 2.5 times higher. The emergence of this series of milling machine to fill the gaps in the domestic large-scale mill market, HC1700-type milling machine has been used in many domestic powder processing enterprises, users get the praise.

Product advantages

1, covers an area of ‚Äč‚Äčless:

In the case of equivalent production of grinding powder, the area is equivalent to 4R3216 1/3, its investment is also less than 6 4R3216 milling machine, greatly saving the plant, infrastructure and management costs of investment.

2, high yield:

Ore Milling Equipment production is equivalent to the same 6 sets of 4R3216 milling equipment production, low power consumption; unit yield, the power consumption of about 6 4R3216 milling equipment 3 / 4.HC1000 tilting mill to fill the emergence of large domestic Mill market blank.

3, energy saving and environmental protection:

HC1700 milling machine equipped with a pulse bag dust collector, the dust collection efficiency reached 99.9%, the host all the positive pressure parts are done sealed, the basic realization of the dust-free processing workshop.

4, easy maintenance:

HC1700 uses a new seal structure design, roller device can be achieved 1000 hours filling a grease. In addition, replace the grinding ring without removing the roller device, easy maintenance.

5, high reliability:

Wear parts grinding roller grinding ring can be used to replace the original high-bao material high manganese steel, the service life of the original high manganese steel 3 to 5 times, improve the reliability of the equipment.
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