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Radiation drive

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Radiation drive
03.06.2017 04:51:11
In recent years, the high-tech industry's innovation and development of the regional economic and social development of radiation-driven role is more obvious, a group of representative high-tech industry is becoming the main force of the regional advantages of resources.

Since the opening of the Beidou navigation "feast" has been opened, including Wuhan, Sichuan, Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing, Shanghai and other places to join the Beidou industry to seize the competition, to form a satellite parts manufacturing, chip manufacturing, antenna manufacturing, Satellite navigation terminal products and other Ultrafine Mill modules consisting mainly of five regional industrial structure.

"National satellite navigation industry in the long-term development plan" proposed by 2020, China's satellite navigation industry will be more than 400 billion scale, Beidou market 100 billion "cake" is attracting the eyes of all over again. As of 2015, China's satellite navigation output value has reached 190 billion yuan, Beidou system contribution rate of about 30%, the country has established various types of Beidou Industrial Park 42. In some remote areas such as Xinjiang, Beidou combined with tourism and agriculture to match the local market demand; in Changsha, in 2016 formally established the Changsha Beidou Industry Information Security Technology Research Institute to fill the Beidou navigation security field blank.

To the development of high-tech industries as the focus of the national high-tech zones, independent innovation demonstration area on the regional economy and industry traction capacity has become increasingly innovative development, transformation and upgrading of the important engine. According to statistics, the State Council approved the National High-tech Zone has 146, "second five" during the operating income to maintain an average annual growth rate of 17.4%; 2016 operating income is expected to reach 28.3 trillion yuan, an increase of 11.5%, industrial output 20.5 trillion yuan, an increase of 10.3%.

Yin and Jun introduced, relying on the strength of the national high-tech zones to build 17 national homeland greatly promoted the economic development of the region. Wuhan Donghu, Hunan, Changsha, Zhuzhou and other countries, the main economic indicators of China's own region for several years to maintain the growth rate of about 30%; 2016 1 to 11 months, Zhangjiang own financial revenue grew 25.5% Savings fiscal revenue grew 19.7% year on year.

High-tech industry scenery here is good. We have reason to believe that the development of high-tech industry will effectively promote the shift of China's industrial upgrading, to achieve "Made in China" to "China to create" change.
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