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file upload not working

geschrieben von JosephGalvan 
file upload not working
11.05.2018 13:50:30

I can't get the file upload to work in Manits. Whenever I try to upload a file I get:
File upload failed. PHP file uploads may be disabled. Please ask your admin to run the admin_check script to debug this problem.
When I run check.php I get:
File Uploads
File uploads are ENABLED.
File uploads will be stored in the DATABASE.
The following size settings are in effect. Maximum upload size will be whichever of these is SMALLEST.
PHP variable 'upload_max_filesize': 2000000 bytes
PHP variable 'post_max_size': 8000000 bytes
Mantis variable 'max_file_size': 5000000 bytes
Mantis 0.19.2 on IIS 5.0
MySQL 4.0.20 is on a seperate Solaris box
PHP is 4.3.10
I have given my mantis account on MySQL full rights.
Any ideas ?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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