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10.05.2018 11:04:00
Dubai Customized Stars Jersey , the most populated city of the United Arab Emirates has awed the world with marvelous constructions, an exploding economy, Guinness records, and its ever growing desire of magnificence. But what now? With so many projects already in process, what else can Dubai offer to people seeking to reside within its breathtaking environment? The answer is simple, Dubai plans on developing its infrastructure more, plans on enhancing the experience of those residing within and those who might be visiting its territory. Besides Dallas Stars Jersey , it looks forward to settling itself further as one of the focal points for the world economy.

Whether you were looking forward to private accommodation, or you just had a desire of visiting and staying in one of those many world class hotels of Dubai; this was the right time to start working out with your plans. The ongoing economic boom has resulted in sharp spurt of real estate prices, and thus given a foothold to many construction giants from all over the world. This has ensured Dubai did have world class hotels, apartments and other infrastructure of advanced nature. There is no other region in the entire Gulf or anywhere around that might be witnessing the kind of construction boom Dubai has been able to see during these last several years.

Some of the key infrastructural developments taking place within Dubai are Palm Islands, The World, Dubai Marina, Dubai Waterfront Jason Spezza Stars Jersey , Dubai Land and The Burj Dubai Complex. These have been devised not only to take care of the accommodation demands, residential and commercial both, but are also aimed at growing as a very advanced infrastructure. With the construction firms of the stature of WS Atkins, taking part in many of these multi-billion dollar activities, the immediate future of Dubai's urban growth looks to be quite pleasant right now. There are enough signs from within the government on its part, that the growth will continue to have the kind of support they have been providing with through all these years.

Some key urban plans aimed at projecting Dubai as a world class destination include The Dubai Metro, The Dubai Mall and Business Bay. We are going to take a quick look and try to know what each of these means for Dubai's future growth:

(1) The Dubai Metro Alexander Radulov Stars Jersey , a $3.9 billion mega project will be one of its own kind on this planet when fully functional by the year 2012. It has been planned not only to ease out the daily traffic congestion, but also aimed at raising the city's tourism prospects. All major sections of Dubai will come within its periphery, once the metro begins functioning in the next few years.

(2) The Dubai Mall, already scheduled to be completed before the end of 2006, will be the world largest shopping mall yet. The Dubai Mall will cover more than 12 million square feet and has already acquired 5 construction awards: Best Use of Lightning, Best Retail Development Scheme, Best Brochure Ben Bishop Stars Jersey , Best Art and Graphic Design and the Judges Special Recognition award.

(3) Business Bay, the main business area currently under construction for the city, will be the home of several skyscrapers, commercial spots, and intense economic activities. Besides, some Dubai hotels will also be given a foothold within these property blocks.

While undertaking such major developments, the city of Dubai will have to overcome many challenges lying ahead on the path of modernization. One of the major concerns is the quality of accommodation available for some of the lowly paid workers from South East Asian countries. The planners of Dubai will have to make sure they are not overlooked while the rest of Dubai enjoys unbound luxury. But Stephen Johns Stars Jersey , that is what all major cities of the world have had to go through until gaining invisibility. Dubai has already advanced well into that territory. There is no moving back now as we see some exciting developments of the future unfolding with each passing day.
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Enrique Leal is a Mexico based freelance writer who often writes on behalf of DubaiFurnishedApartments. Have a look on this site to learn about Dubai accommodation and furnished apartments, and also to have them compared with what Dubai hotels might offer you.

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HEFEI, March 29 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese company has developed an extra-large film screen, measuring 100 by 25 meters.

The manufacturer, Star Screen Co., Ltd. in east China's Anhui Province, spent two years developing the 1.6-tonne screen Brett Ritchie Stars Jersey , which has been recognized as the world's largest by the science and technology committee of the state film administration.

The company overcame several technical difficulties in screen evenness, spraying and transportation.

Some technical specifications of the final product are even better than the national standard, said Yang Xuepei, deputy director of the committee.

"Take polarization ratio for example: a higher ratio means a better 3D effect, while a substandard screen brings viewers sore eyes and dizziness," said Yang.

Eight orders from cinemas and movie theme parks have been placed for the screen, and the company is expecting more orders after the official launch.

Over 3 Esa Lindell Stars Jersey ,300 new cinemas opened across the country over the past five years, with the number of screens soaring to 31,000, said Lin Minjie, general manager of China Film Equipment Company.

The new screen will be made to fit the China Film Giant Screen (CGS), a large format film system jointly developed by the China Film Company and China Research Institute of Film Science and Technology.

Launched in 2011, the CGS has become one of the fastest-growing high-end digital movie exhibition systems in the world Tyler Pitlick Stars Jersey , according to Lin. Of the 350 giant screens available in China, 133 have adopted the CGS system.

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